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The Classic Ajrak


The Ajrak we use in this collection is genuine Ajrak, from Sindh, Pakistan.

The sheer beauty of Ajrak is in the multitude of steps in the process to create the beautiful and intricate design.
The perfect geometry on the garment comes from the usage of the woodblock printing method in which prints are transferred from shapes hand-etched onto wooden blocks by pressing them hard onto the fabric. A separate wooden block prints each different colour on the design, so you can imagine the level of teamwork and skills required!

This collection is to celebrate such deep-rooted artistry in the Homeland, and using 100% genuine, handcrafted Ajrak.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the print, each and every Ajrak choker will have slightly varying print, so each will be a unique piece.

Width: 3.4cm/1.2inch

Length: 28.5cm/11.2 inches to 35.5cm/14.0 inches